This is the episode guide for MGT School.

1 "The Start" June 9, 2019 101
Akira goes to a new school where the students make videos.
2 "New Friends" June 9, 2019 102
Akira meets new friends at her school named Nana and Lauryn.
3 "What Editor Should I Use?" June 10, 2019 103
Akira has trouble deciding what editor she should use for her upcoming video.
4 "My New Helper!" June 10, 2019 104
Akira and Nana meet Rasta Rainbow, who wants to help Akira.
5 "What You Didn't Know About Her" June 11, 2019 105
ZodiacSushi tells a story about Seira Hinamori bossing her around.
6 "The Video Contest" June 11, 2019 106
Zodiac and Seira have a video contest.
7 "One Request Too Many" June 11, 2019 107
Amanda Pokorny keeps annoying WolfHunter with requests.
8 "No Pain No Gain" June 13, 2019 108
Akira and Nana train for the upcoming MGT contest.
9 "My Dream Theme" June 14, 2019 109
Akira becomes obsessed with a certain theme after doing research on it
10 "Summertime Strangeness" June 15, 2019 110
KiraNet MGT feels that she has been inactive with videos, so she tries to get people to request.
11 "Fan Freak" June 19, 2019 111
CreamyChan gets impatient when Akira doesn’t do her request, so she starts following her.
12 "The Request Trap" July 18, 2019 112
Lauryn gets excited when Seira requests from her, but Akira, Nana, and Rasta think that it’s a trap.
13 "New Students" TBA 113
Two new students named Hoshina and RosieMGT come to the school.
14 "Battle Of The Editors" TBA 114
AquaRegina, Nashiro NC, and Andromeda Florence start a battle to see who's better at editing.
15 "Nana's Petition" TBA 115
Nana starts a petition to get people to start using more magical boys.
16 "BFF Feud" TBA 116
Akira and Nana plan to make a collab, but then they start arguing.
17 "Me vs Hoshina" TBA 117
Akira and Hoshina have a video battle.
18 "Apology Accepted" TBA 118
Hoshina apologizes for being so mean to everyone.
19 "The Last Day Of School" TBA 119
It's finally the last day of school before before summer break.
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