Akira-Chan is the main protagonist in MGT School.

Appearence Edit

Akira has fair skin and hot pink eyes. She has hot pink hair and wears a green leaf crown in her hair. She wears the traditional school uniform.

Her normal appearance consists of a brown ponytail, brown eyes, a hot pink jacket, and a hot pink skirt. She usually doesn't wear shoes.

Personality Edit

Akira is a kind girl who doesn't mean any harm. She is very peaceful and never gets mad, but she can be a little annoying at times by obsessing over things or talking nonstop.

History Edit

Akira was an ordinary girl. One day, she was sitting on her bed, bored, when she sees a YouTube video. She watches it, and loves it. A witch named Esmeralda comes into her room and tells her about MGT School. She takes Akira there, and changes Akira's appearance as well. When Akira goes in, she meets a girl named Lauryn, who directs her to the office to get her schedule. After getting her schedule, Akira bumps into a girl named Nana, who gives her a tour around the school. Later, Akira meets a girl named Rasta.

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